Overcome Your Biggest Bass Playing Challenges Fast!

Get The Most Effective Training Method PROVEN
To Eliminate Weaknesses In Your Bass Playing

Dear Fellow Bass Player,

Helping you conquer your main challenges on bass and free you from whatever is holding you back is what I’m here for.

It’s my goal and my mission to help you play bass the way you want to and get to the level of bass playing you dream of…

But it’s hard to find bass training designed and tailored to address YOUR specific problem areas

That’s why I’ve created…


Here’s How It Works:

Step 1: Let me know what bass playing challenges you are trying to overcome in the form below.
Step 2: I will contact you by email and we can zero in on the issue and schedule a Skype session.

At the Skype Focus Session:
1. We analyze your bass playing
2. I’ll demonstrate and teach you a special etude written for you that addresses your specific challenge/subject.

You’ll get a PDF file with the etude along with an MP3 recording of the etude emailed to your inbox.

Then you’ll have the exact etude that will eradicate this particular problem area!

Once you practice it a few times and you’d like to enhance this particular subject, taking it further, you can schedule a follow-up and repeat the process.

There Is A Secret Ingredient In The Etudes That Literally Forces Your Brain To Learn Fast!

It’s An Extremely Effective And Proven Method
For Eliminating Problem Areas!

Simply tell me what you are struggling with most on bass in the form below, and I will help you…

*Spots Are Limited. Sign Up Now To Avoid The Waiting List:

Your Name

Your Email

Your Challenge On Bass

I will respond shortly to go over your specific challenge.

Skype Focus Session Cost:
New subject – 30 minutes @ $75
Continuation – 20 minutes @ $50

Here’s An Example:
Challenge: “I’m having trouble with my Rhythm”
Focus: Keeping rhythm in a playing situation/Feeling the beat
Etude: The eight rhythmic combinations per beat (based on 16th notes) with rhythmic resolutions.
Result: You’ll find your timing is suddenly tight
PDF file/MP3 file: Rhythmic etude with rhythmic resolution (so you can practice it on your own)

Focus: Use this exercise when playing real music/grooves
Etude: The eight rhythmic combinations incorporated into a semi-ambiguous groove
Result: You can now use your newly enhanced skill in any kind of music style/genre
PDF/MP3 file: Groove using the eight rhythmic combinations with rhythmic resolution.

Your playing will be vastly improved after the first session and your skill and knowledge will deepen after each continuation.

And you can schedule as many continuation focus sessions as you need.

You may want to move on to a new subject at any time. All focus sessions are self-contained, so you can cover any number of different subjects.

Spots Are Limited. There May Be A Waiting List.

“Enter your biggest bass challenge in the form below and I will respond shortly
Thanks!” -Patrick P.

Your Name

Your Email

Your Challenge On Bass


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