Patrick Pfeiffer Artist’s Statement

I believe music nourishes the soul and touches the heart. It allows me as a performer and composer to share my emotions and my spirit with the audience. I play bass, the instrument that perfectly balances rhythm and harmony, providing the powerful heartbeat of the band.

My favorite instrument is the fretless six-string electric bass and my style is a distinctive blend of percolating, percussive notes that weave into the complex fabric of a groove and can unexpectedly soar with vocal-like quality. I incorporate elements of the sophistication of jazz, the grittiness of funk and the earthy feel of R&B, all germinating in a potent mix. My music implies simplicity, but upon closer examination reveals layers of complex harmonic structures and syncopated rhythms.

I write bass books, explaining the finer points of bass playing, even inventing new language to describe certain aspects of playing. I hope to inspire, empower and motivate bass players everywhere to achieve their highest level of artistic, creative and spiritual expression, so that they in turn can use their knowledge to create great music. My aim is to bring joy, passion, love, peace and harmony to all through the healing power of music.

Patrick Pfeiffer
New York City, New York, USA

Phone: 917-679-3135

Testimonials for Patrick Pfeiffer:

“Pfeiffer’s bass serves as the protagonist of an album that changes vibes on every track, the only obvious reoccurring property being his tastefulness and virtuosity.”

- Bass Player Magazine – January 2017


“Pfeiffer brings finely articulated grooves, thoughtful ballad work, and head-turning solos to his debut solo release. Although his style and sound owe much to Jaco, Patrick puts his own worthy stamp on the legacy.” 

- Bass Player Magazine – July 1999


“Pfeiffer can take pride in having created a superb recording, bolstered by excellent contributions by his supporting cast of players, original compositions, and a forum for him to demonstrate his commanding abilities on electric bass.” 

- Jazz Improv Magazine – Summer 2007


“Patrick’s teaching technique showed me how to connect the bits of technique I’d collected into a playing style.” 

- Adam Clayton, Bass Player, U2


Of the myriad tools available for bassists, ‘Bass Guitar for Dummies’ is at the pinnacle of them all.” 

- Will Lee, Bass Player Letterman Show


 “’Bass Guitar Exercises For Dummies’ is a masterwork…an invaluable resource for all bassists and should be in every bassist’s library regardless of their ability. I wish I had this book 40 years ago.” 

- Mark Egan, New York Session Bassist


Patrick Pfeiffer – Professional Profile

Empowering bass players and elevating the art of bass playing.

  • Masters Degree with distinction in Jazz Studies and Bachelors Degree in Jazz Performance.
  • Bestselling bass book author (six published books/eight languages).
  • Recording artist, performer and composer (critically acclaimed solo CDs Fruits and Nuts and Soul of the City).



Master of Music in Jazz Studies: New England Conservatory, Boston, MA. 1985

Bachelor of Music in Jazz Performance: Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ. 1983



Trained bassists of all levels (beginner through professional) in one-on-one settings. Former students include Adam Clayton (U2), Jean-Louis Locas (Cirque du Soleil), Paul DeVincenzo (Elle King), Alec Such (Jon Bon Jovi), Mark Wike (Bogmen).

Retained by Polygram Records, Arista Records and Red Ant Records to prepare signed bassists for tours and recordings.

Developed an integrated harmonic-rhythmic resolution system of exercises to help bass players prepare for true musical situations.

Invented new language to describe bass-specific groove building blocks.



Performed and/or recorded with George Clinton, Phoebe Snow, Jimmy Norman (Coasters), Slam Stewart, Babatunde Olatunji, Sheila Jordan, George Russel, Margaret Whiting, Joe Lovano, Carlos Alomar, The Marvelettes, Paul Griffin (Steely Dan), Bernard Purdie (Steely Dan), Katie Agresta, Gary Corwin and many more. Studio bassist for KMA Studios in New York City from 2003 through 2009.



Designed and conducted numerous clinics for bassists and rhythm sections in both hands-on and lecture format. Conducted several Bass Immersion Days in New York and Philadelphia featuring world class bassists (Will Lee, John Patitucci, Gerald Veasley, Adam Nitti, Bakithi Kumalo to name a few). Frequently featured as performer and instructor at Gerald Veasley’s Bass Boot Camp.



Published by Wiley & Sons: International bestseller, translated into eight languages


Published by Hal Leonard: The book is used in bass courses at Berklee in Boston.


Published by Carl Fischer


Published by Wiley & Sons: International bestseller


Published by Wiley & Sons


Published by Wiley & Sons: International bestseller


Special Features

  • U2 By U2, mentioned and indexed in the book by the band U2.
  • Bass Player Magazine, featured as performer at Bass Days New York.
  • Fodera Guitars, endorsed by Fodera. Signature Pfeiffer Bass model. Official string consultant for Fodera bass strings.
  • MTD Bass, endorsed by MTD. Prototype basses.
  • TecAmp, endorsed by TecAmp Amplification. 

Professional Affiliations

Local 802 – Musician’s Union of Greater New York


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